Dr, Mary Coker used acupuncture on our dog Bud when has was diagnosed with lymphoma. Id did help with his pain and did seem to make him comfortable. She is a great vet and very compassionate.
~ Mary L. November 29, 2018

My 13 year old, three legged Shepard/Chow mix benefited greatly from the help of acupuncture. Definitely something worth looking into for any animal.
~ Tracey M. November 2018

We used acupuncture on our collie which really seemed to help her.
~ Barbara B. November 2018

Blending eastern and western medicine can be tricky. Dr. Mary (Coker) does it in a way that honors both traditions, and keeps the best interests of the patient first and foremost.
~ Nory P. November 2018

Mary is very conscientious. Dedicated and is always open to different treatments.. I have used her to take care of my three for at least 10 years!
~ Leslie S. December 2018