Health Exams: A yearly health exam can help detect problems early and therefore fix easier.

Coggins: Coggins is a test for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). It is required that you have a negative coggins test, or the absence of EIA before you travel with your horse.

Vaccinations: A variety of vaccinations are offered to help keep you horse and dog healthy. Contact Dr. Coker to determine which vaccinations are right for you and your pet.

Horse Dental

Dental: A horses’ teeth should be check yearly and floated (or filed down) as necessary to ensure that the horse gets the most out of the food that you are feeding. No dental work on dogs offered.

Veterinary Acupuncture: acupuncture has been used for over 2000 years in dogs, horses and many animals including humans to help them maintain a state of good health. Dr. Coker offers veterinary acupuncture on dogs and horses to help with afflictions such as pain, anxiety, allergies, adjunct treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cushings and cancer.

Herbal Therapy: Herbal therapy is like “daily acupuncture” in that the herbs provide daily doses that help the body to heal itself. Herbs are safe and effective and can be given along with conventional medicine.

Colic Treatment: colic is a constant worry for the horse owner and swift treatment is necessary. Medical (non-surgical) treatment is offered for clients.

Founder: As spring grasses cause sugar spikes in our horses, founder and laminitis become a problem. Treat laminitis and founder quickly to relieve you horse of any pain.

Lameness Evaluation: Examination and ultrasound can be used to determine the root cause of a lameness. Conventional and alternative medicine can be used to treat lameness.

Spinal Manipulation: commonly referred to as Chiropractic, spinal manipulation helps to relieve restrictions that our horses develop over time. Restrictions in horses lead to pain, decreased performance, anxiety, lameness, muscle loss among other symptoms.

Emergency Services: emergency and after hours services are provided for existing clients.

Certificate of Veterinary Examination: Health certificate or “traveling papers” are necessary for state to state travel.

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